Connected Care

What is Connected Care?

Connected Care is a health care model focused on: The person for whom we care.

We secure our primary purpose with these tools:

  1. Medical and Observational inputs
  2. Immediate group updates
  3. Maintaining health profile and medication lists
  4. Secure messaging within the group (includes photos)
  5. Calendar to organize and schedule appointments
  6. Reports produced in click of finger

About Us

Jim Rhorer is the founder of Connected Care. He is an emergency medicine physician living and practicing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In his everyday practice he encounters people struggling to tell medical stories and keep track of health conditions and medications. He sees and feels the disappointment and fear when people don’t know information or explain it well. He recognizes the need for communication between senior care facilities and families for regular updates. Thus, the platform is designed to opens communication, allowing all connected parties to receive, review, and contribute to the care of their loved ones. It is Connected Care!


Connected care has been designed in a “dashboard” fashion to allow quick checks by any member of the family group (including caregivers) at any time when opening the app. For privacy, only those directly invited by the group administrator are allowed to view this information. It allows for scheduling of appointments, storage of health conditions, medications, and important contacts. It also has a unique property to build and send reports to healthcare providers, care coordinators, or auditors of health care services. There is a full-service software development team available to address concerns when needed. All information is encrypted to meet HIPAA standards. We support both individual subscriptions as well as corporate bulk subscriptions!

Our Customers

Anyone who wants to share their health journey is a great partner with Connected Care. We have learned that people in vulnerable positions are greatly supported by Connected Care. Regular inputs using the app allow all parties participating the opportunity to discuss, act, and continue to monitor. Regulatory agencies who are responsible to assure certain services are provided can use the streamlined process to review reports electronically. The “No Surprise” solution is what we are striving for. All inputs are readily available to be seen by family members, managers, regulators, and medical providers. Subtle changes identified early may prevent progression of illness or injury, as well as decrease hospitalizations.

Contact Us

We are as transparent as our platform! All customer feedback is reviewed by the founder, Jim Rhorer. Currently, we respond to customer questions and feedback through email. Please send your comments to:

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